There is Truth to the Reality of Christ's Death & Resurrection

October 25, 2015 Pastor: Daniel Cho

Passage: Romans 12:9–13, Luke 24:13–35

The marks of a Christian can be vividly seen in Paul's letter to the Christian believers in Romans 12:9-13. Although intangible, these marks truly illustrate the characteristics that the believers have in Jesus Christ. Christians also have a different set of marks that illustrate the position and life that we have in Jesus Christ, and those marks are shown both physically and vividly on Christ's body. These very marks were seen on Jesus' resurrected body on the road to Emmaus. Over thousands of years, skeptics and atheists have tried diligently to disprove the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ through logic and science. We will learn about the reality of Christ's death and resurrection as we find evidence internally through Scripture and externally through studies found by Christian theologians. We will tackle the following questions: What does the resurrection mean for believers and how do we know that Christ actually resurrected?