Living Grace Church is a Christian Reformed English-speaking church plant that grew out of the Korean Church of Orange County. Through much prayer and obedience to God, LGC was founded in January 2014 under the leadership of Pastor Steve Rim.  Currently, we have a symbiotic relationship with KCOC as two independent churches on the same campus with shared education department resources.

We are a community of believers of all ages who strive to grow closer to Jesus Christ by being rooted in His Word given to us through the Holy Bible. We want to be led by the Holy Spirit and obey our Lord and Savior.

Our mission at LGC is simple. We follow the 4L's:
We LOVE God and others.
We LIVE in community.
We LEARN under the care of our leaders.
We LEAD others to Christ.

"Every church is pretty much the same" so what makes us any different?

We believe there is one practice that gives Living Grace Church a hallmark distinction: Our staff, leaders and members regularly read the Bible and share devotions together. Staff and deacons meetings include a time where everyone shares from their quiet time devotions. Our small groups are a network of quiet time sharing groups because we want every member to be trained on how to eat and regurgitate the Word of God on their own. We believe in the priesthood of all believers and regularly practice sharing biblical insight together with pastors and members alike.

YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!  Come join us for Sunday worship at 9:45am or 11:30am(livestream and outdoor service also available).  Join a quiet time group and practice delving into God's Word and sharing it with others.  It's revolutionary!